Why SHQ?

On my way to work one morning as I was deliberating on how to make good use of my business acumen, a thought crossed my mind. So what if I decided to work on a brand? I have always wanted to work in the fashion industry, specifically, to be a designer. Unfortunately, in a country like mine where your family mostly decides what you do with your life and career path, I had no option but to study a different course (family approved) in school. Today, I can say it was the best decision my big sister made on my behalf at the time (well, that is a story for another decade). The good part about trying to work on a brand was the product I chose. Guess what? My mum deals in fabrics too. Which made it so much easier for me to want to start my own fabric collection line.

Initially, I didn’t mind selling the same style of fabrics as my mum but after much thought and interactions with friends, I realized I wanted to fill a void; to meet the growing trendy and stylish needs of my fellow fashionistas. Yes, I wanted to sell fabrics but with a whole new trendy twist. I wanted something exclusive of my mother’s fabric styles. You can call SHQ a subsidiary of Beappiah.

I’m sure you’re curious to know how the name SHQ came about. There’s actually quite a story and much inspiration behind the brand name. In short, a friend and I came up with a name for the brand. We began to mull over several options trying to find a name that not only sounds unique but equally captures the essence of the brand. She said “what about chic?”. Instantly, I knew I loved the name “chic” but wanted something quite different from the ordinary. So we went with “SHQ” with pronunciation “s-h-i-k”. Pretty neat, right?!

SHQ is my first baby and first true love. And you know how it is when you fall in love. I never stop thinking about her and the thought of her makes my heart skip like every micro second.  She serves a whole different flavor of fabrics which is one amazing thing about her. Because I don’t want to look like others and for the fact that I’m a believer of Standout Church, I choose the fabrics with all my heart. Like with every nerve in me that kicks to life. This is simply because I don’t want her to look just every other brand out there. SHQ needs to be recognized and that is exactly what I aim to achieve!

Welcome to the world of amazing and flattering fabrics. You deserve a treat! Get one for yourself.

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