ANYWHERE, Just Remember Who You Are

Sometimes, we are faced with star-crossed circumstances which are jarring to the senses. Circumstances which serve a plate of impossibility garnished with sorrowful thoughts and a cup of disappointments.  When that happens ask yourself this question “who am I?”.  First of all, you should know this; it was never promised it will be easy or smooth sailing but a guarantee to succeed through perseverance and hard work has a probability of 0.75. oh don’t pay attention to me. I just love mathematics. Ha!

Now, let me remind you of who you are. For starters, you were perfectly crafted by God and that describes the French word “incroyable”. I can go on to brag about it but let’s leave it for another day. That being said, do you know why you have survived all these years? Personally, I believe everyone is born with the “don’t give up spirit’. Ok let me put it this way; everyone has that strength and ability to overcome anything. I mean anything! Well you need to know what your strength is dependent on. You need to know when to slot and when to remove that push and don’t push card. You need to be aware of what drives you to overcome the obstacles that walks to you in life.

In all situations, remember those commendable traits and values which singles you out from others and represents you wherever you go. Don’t compromise on what makes you “you” for any reason at all because at the end of the day, what ever you comprised for will stare you in the face like how despotism is perceived to stare at African leaders. A value like integrity is to be held at heart because it will pave a way for great opportunities. I will forever be a 100% supporter of Mandy Hale phrase “It’s better to be a “misfit” than a “one-size-fits-all”!

When it comes to individuality in style, knowing who you are can’t be overlooked. Whatever you wear represents who you are. Like Tom Ford said “Dressing well is a form of good manners” and we all would want to be tagged with that.  Who you are will help you in your decision to pick clothes, collect unique and mind blowing fabrics (oh I’m here for that. Ha!), type of shoes to wear, select your choice of make up and a lot more. “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco CHANEL (you just might want to put that note on your pillow).

“Ordinary people are products of their environment and fit in. Artists transcend their environment and stand out.” – Oliver Gaspirtz. Don’t be just anyone. Paint your life to suit your personality and do it with no regrets. Always remember who you are!

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