5 Reasons Why I Love Making Clothes

I have always been passionate about what I wear and the fabric used. I don’t know if it’s as a result of my mama’s métier but yeah I’m pretty much like that. I’m a “pointy ass” person. I tell my friends my ass communicates this phrase “come and grab”. Ha! Because of my body shape, I don’t always look eatable in the already made outfits. Below are some of the reason why I love to make my clothes

I get exactly what I want!

Sometimes I see a dress and I go like wow I want this dress. I will look good in this, but I check the price tag and I’m stupefied. This is way out of my budget (that is even if I had made plans to buy something). What can I do to have a dress like that? I certainly can’t buy that when I have a 1004 things to do. I have an option; to make this dress. Yes, I may not be able to splurge on that particular dress but I can always have one with a fabric of my choice if not the same. I get to pick a fabric with a color that will complement my skin and sew the same style or I can sew a different style if I change my mind.

It brings my creativity to life

I remember when I was in University, I designed a dress for my then sis in-law for her friend’s party and it was the bomb! Looking back on 6 years, there’s been so much improvement. I get better each time I want to make my fits. It helps me envision how I would want to look and I sketch it. Every trend that evolves is something that has been there in grandma’s days. It’s nothing new, but a change of fabric and touch of flap.

I get wear the perfect fit for my body!

Oh how I love dresses that fit perfectly. Sometimes you enter a shop to get a dress and its either too big or too small. Sometimes its looks so bad you would want to hang yourself and other times it looks like the shop keepers are dashing it to you. As a woman, I have to always look bomb and flaunt my pointed ass. How best to do this than get a perfectly fitted dress made with Lori (allow me to tell you how much I love her). I love to steal the glance of others and that’s just me.

I get to wear something unique!

How many “Loris” and “Glorys” do you have and how many of them have you seen out there? Fabrics are life and if you can get one that can make the clouds stand still why not? I get to choose something I haven’t seen anyone wear yet or something I anticipate nobody would wear to a program. I get to tailor something extraordinary through my creativeness. I get to admire myself in the mirror for let’s say 10 minutes before I move out of my room, with the phrase “damn! I look like I have been dipped in caramel” ringing in my head.

A sense of accomplishment.

There’s nothing fulfilling than accomplishing exactly what you had in mind. You know that feeling when you’re full from eating your favorite sandwich from your favorite restaurant? (I absolutely adore food). Yes, that’s exactly how I feel when I’m able to bring into existence something fashionable.

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