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SHQ is about the collection and exhibition of exquisite fabrics but what's a web page without any information to enhance our personality?  Don't leave yet. Stick around for more! #Love

Evelyn Ampomaa (Director)

"Distinct taste in fabrics + The enigmatic habit to write + Constructive talker = Creation of  SHQ . Welcome to a world for the brave"

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It's Okay to be Different (Part 1)

say “in vogue”, the French say “à la mode or le denier cri”


3 Must Read For The Weekend

But before....... get our hands on these articles to spice


Style Icon Of The Week

… and this goes to Priyanka Chopra.


ANYWHERE, Just Remember Who You Are

Sometimes, we are faced with star-crossed


Embrace Truth: BE INFORMED 

Are you also fascinated by the duality of nature?


5 Reasons Why I Love Making Clothes

I’m a “pointy ass” person


Fashion Inspiration? - Understudy Amal Clooney!

Want to have that mix of playful and professional look?


Why SHQ?

So what if I decided to work on a brand?



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